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INNOVATION - TRADITION - QUALITY - Your needs are our target


For Over 75 years of dynamic evolution:


  • 1935: Born the "F.lli Mutti"

  • 1969: Construction of the factory in Asola, establishment of "Mutti Amos srl" and wider choise of machines

  • 1970: Market succes as a company dedicated to the design of trailers, slurry-tank trailer, mixers and manure spreaders

  • 1975: Started to sell in foreing markets

  • 1981: Often innovations and technolgy awards

  • 1992: Creation of patents, stengthening sales networks

  • 1993: Gold medal for technical innovation to Fieragricola Verona for the Roll-Bales Trailer

  • 1997: Expanding international network

  • 2000: New approvals and improving service quality

  • 2004: Opening of new headquarters

  • 2005: Expand sales network in the market of eastern Europe

  • 2006: New technology Eima 2006 award for the application of automatic control and management of the bales on bale trailer

  • 2007: The company began working with the system of quality management according to ISO 9001:2000 - broadening the product range

  • 2009: Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy recognize to Mutti Amos the first award for "Business Success" for the province of Mantova

  • 2010: The Chamber of Commerce of Mantova recognize the first award for " POINT NEW COMPANY - AWARD " FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS" 2009 for maintened in all these years on the territory, a unique professionalism and continuous development in step with technological improvement respecting the enviroment. Mutti Amos  know brand across the World is a trademark of guarantee and security. The company belives in its potential and thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years is always sure can bring to market innovative solutions.




 Superior Quality:

Our mission is to spread worldwide agricultural machines that are recognized by customers as excellent durability, reliability, services and superior quality for you to contribute to making the farmer's work less tiring and more productive.


 Grow and improve:

The Mutti Amos belives that the components and materials of the highest quality have a growing role in the strategy of farm machinery, this aims to:

  • continue research and development

  • increase and develop its product range

  • improve pre and post sales service

  • ensure prompt end efficient spare parts service

The primary object is the customers satifaction , according to their needs and expectations. The QUALITY system adopted in 2007, is therefore not only a important tool for internal management, the means by wich to ensure the quality of products and internal processes and to allow continuous improvement.


 Ability to understand and implement:

The technological tradition of Mutti Amos carries a continuing commitment to investment and aim to be at the forefront of the importance of a flexibility in production.

Our brand of agricultural machinery distinguishes high reliability capable of passing, after all our controls, the most important tests: one every day at your side.

 We belive in the continuing quest to improve the quality

Tecnology, innovation, reliability, quality and high standard of customer service are the basis of development as a stategic priority. The Mutti Amos is able to approve its products according to the strictest regulations in accordance with CE norms.

Policy and quality objectives within the entire organization by focusing on real needs and expectations of its customers.

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